What is a project?

Construction project Construction-bandw.jpg Contents [hide] 1 What is a project? 2 What is a construction project? 3 Who is involved in construction projects? 4 What permissions are required for construction projects? 5 Public v private construction projects 6 Related articles on Designing Buildings What is a project? A project is a series of related a tasks which when they are carried out in the correct order will lead to the completion of the project. Projects are temporary, generally resulting in the creation of a tangible product or outcome. This is as opposed to a programme, which is a series of interrelated projects that may be carried out repeatedly or continuously in order to support an ongoing process. For more information, see Project v programme.

What is a construction project?

A construction project, sometimes just referred to as a ‘project’, is the organised process of constructing, renovating, refurbishing, retrofitting or adapting a building, or other built asset such as a tunnel or bridge. For more information see: Construction works. The project process typically starts with an overarching business requirement which is then developed through the creation of a brief, feasibility studies, option studies, design, financing and construction. For more information see: Project stages. Construction projects are typically one off's (particularly in the UK). That is, a project team, brief and financing are put together to produce a unique design that delivers a single project. Once the project is complete the team is disbanded and sometimes will not work together again. This can make it difficult to develop ideas or relationships, and so lessons learned are often not carried forward to the next project. The exceptions to this are repeat developers such as supermarket chains, housebuilders, and so on.